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How to stop Global Warming

What are people doing to stop global
People are doing many things to try to
stop global warming.  One thing
people are doing is carpooling.  Carpooling is driving with
someone to a
place that you are both going to.  This
minimizes the amount of greenhouse
gases put into the air by a car.
Another thing that people are doing is
being more careful about leaving
things turned on like the television,
computer, and the lights.   A
lot of people are taking time away from
the television, and instead, they are
spending more time outdoors.  This helps
our planet out a lot.  Now,
more people are even riding busses,
walking to school, and riding their bikes
lower the amount of greenhouse gases in
the air.  Planting trees and
recycling also helps.  If you recycle,
less trash goes to the dump, and
less trash gets burned.  As a result,
there are fewer greenhouse gasses in
our atmosphere.
Watch what you buy.  Many things, such
as hairspray and deodorant, now
are made to have less of an impact on
the atmosphere.  Less greenhouse
gasses will rise into the air, and global
warming will slow down.
What is the government doing to stop
global warming?
Most governments are doing many things
to help stop global
warming. Some governments have made a
law called The Clean Air Act so
there is less air pollution.  Global
warming is making people get very bad
illnesses that could make them disabled,
very sick, and sometimes even
die.  The Clean Air Act is making many
companies change their products to
decrease these problems.  Part of the
law says that you may not put a
certain amount of pollutants in the air. 
Hairspray and some other
products, like foam cups, had this
problem.  Making and using these
products let out too much volatile
organic compounds (VOC's), ozone-
chemicals (chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's),
and related chemicals (such as CO2) into
the air.  Now, almost all of these products
have a label on them telling
people what this product can do to the
environment and many people.  By
2015 all products listed on the Clean Air
Act will have this label on
What are some of the other dangerous
Some other chemicals that cause air
pollution and are bad for the
environment and people are:
 Ozone- Ozone is produced when other
pollution chemicals
combine.  It is the basic element of
smog.  It causes many different
kinds of health issues dealing with the
lungs.  It can damage plants and
limit sight.  It can also cause a lot of
damage.   VOC's (volatile organic
compounds, smog formers)- VOC's
are let into the air when fuel is burned.
This chemical can cause cancer. 
It can also harm plants.   NOx (nitrogen
dioxide)- This chemical
forms smog.  It is also formed by burning
sources of energy, like gas,
coal, and oil, and by cars.  This chemical
causes problems in the
respiratory system (including the lungs). 
It causes acid rain, and it can
damage trees.  This chemical can eat
away buildings and
statues.  CO (carbon monoxide)- The
source of this chemical is burning
sources of energy.  It causes blood
vessel problems and respiratory failures.  PM-10 (particulate matter)- The
source of this chemical is
plowing and burning down fields.  It can
cause death and lung damage. 
It can make it hard for people to breathe. 
The smoke, soot, ash, and dust
formed by this chemical can make many
cities dirty.  Sulfur Dioxide-
This chemical is produced by making
paper and metals.  This chemical can
cause permanent lung damage.  It can
cause acid rain which kills trees and
damages building and statues.  Lead-
This chemical is in paint, leaded
gasoline, smelters, and in lead storage
batteries.  It can cause many brain
and nerve damages and digestive
. . . . So, let change the world, now or never.

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