Senin, Februari 16, 2009

Greenhouse gasses

What are greenhouse gasses?
Greenhouse gasses are gasses are in
the earth's atmosphere that collect
heat and light from the sun.  With too
many greenhouse gasses in the air,
the earth's atmosphere will trap too much
heat and the earth will get too
hot.  As a result people, animals, and
plants would die because the heat
would be too strong.
What is global warming doing to the
Global warming is affecting many parts of
the world.  Global warming
makes the sea rise, and when the sea
rises, the water covers many low land
islands.  This is a big problem for many of
the plants, animals, and people
on islands.  The water covers the plants
and causes some of them to
die.  When they die, the animals lose a
source of food, along with their
habitat.  Although animals have a better
ability to adapt to what happens
than plants do, they may die also.  When
the plants and animals die, people
lose two sources of food, plant food
animal food.  They may also lose
their homes.  As a result, they would also
have to leave the area or
die.  This would be called a break in the
food chain, or a chain reaction,
one thing happening that leads to
another and so on. 
The oceans are affected by global
warming in other ways, as well. 
Many things that are happening to the
ocean are linked to global warming. 
One thing that is happening is warm
water, caused from global warming, is
harming and killing algae in the ocean.
Algae is a producer that you can see
floating on the top of the
water.  (A producer is something that
makes food for other animals through
photosynthesis, like grass.)  This floating
green algae is food to many
consumers in the ocean.  (A consumer is
something that eats the
producers.)  One kind of a consumer is
small fish.  There are many
others like crabs, some whales, and
many other animals.  Fewer algae is a
problem because there is less food for
us and many animals in the sea.
Global warming is doing many things to
people as well as animals and
plants.  It is killing algae, but it is also
destroying many huge
forests.  The pollution that causes
global warming is linked to acid
rain.  Acid rain gradually destroys almost
everything it touches. 
Global warming is also causing many
more fires that wipe out whole
forests.  This happens because global
warming can make the earth very
hot.  In forests, some plants and trees
leaves can be so dry that they
catch on fire.

(by Lisa-P)

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