Rabu, Februari 18, 2009

Couses Global Warming

What causes global warming?
Many things cause global warming.  One
thing that causes global
warming is electrical pollution. 
Electricity causes pollution in many
ways, some worse than others.  In most
cases, fossil fuels are burned to
create electricity.  Fossil fuels are made
of dead plants and
animals.  Some examples of fossil fuels
are oil and petroleum.  Many
pollutants (chemicals that pollute the
air, water, and land) are sent into the
air when fossil fuels are burned.  Some of
these chemicals are called
greenhouse gasses.
We use these sources of energy much
more than the sources that give off
less pollution.  Petroleum, one of the
sources of energy, is used a
lot.  It is used for transportation, making
electricity, and making many
other things.  Although this source of
energy gives off a lot of pollution,
it is used for 38% of the United States'

it is used for 38% of the United States'
Some other examples of using energy and
polluting the air are:
Turning on a light
 Watching T.V.  Listening to a stereo
 Washing or
drying clothes  Using a hair dryer  Riding
in a
car  Heating a meal in the microwave

 Using an air
Playing a video game  Using a dish washer
When you do these things, you are
causing more greenhouse gasses to be
into the air.  Greenhouse gasses are sent
into the air because creating the
electricity you use to do these things
causes pollution.  If you think of
how many times a day you do these
things, it's a lot.  You even have to add
in how many other people do these
things!  That turns out to be a lot of
pollutants going into the air a day
because of people like us using
The least amount of electricity you use,
the better.
When we throw our garbage away, the
garbage goes to landfills. 
Landfills are those big hills that you go
by on an expressway that stink. 
They are full of garbage.  The garbage is
then sometimes burned.  This
sends an enormous amount of
greenhouse gasses into the air and
makes global
warming worse.
Another thing that makes global warming
worse is when people cut down
trees.  Trees and other plants collect
carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a
greenhouse gas.
Carbon dioxide is the air that our body
lets out when we breathe. With
fewer trees, it is harder for people to
breathe because there is more CO2 in the
air, and we don't breathe CO2, we breathe
oxygen.  Plants collect the CO2
that we breathe out, and they give back
oxygen that we breathe in.  With
less trees and other plants, such as
algae, there is less air for us, and more
greenhouse gases are sent into the air.
This means that it is very important to
protect our trees to stop the greenhouse
effect, and also so we can breathe and
This gas, CO2, collects light and heat
(radiant energy), produced by the
sun, and this makes the earth warmer. 
The heat and light from the sun is
produced in the center of the sun.  (The
sun has layers just like the

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